Facial Fillers

The passage of time produces the resorption of tissues in different facial areas, such as cheekbones, cheeks and the mental arch; Which gives rise to an emaciated look. With the disappearance of the natural filler tissues of the face (fat and muscular atrophy), the first surpluses of skin appear, it loses its natural supports in deep anatomical structures that quilted its appearance and, in addition to appearing as leftover, is lax and lack of smoothness filling materials are biocompatible materials, which are used to correct wrinkles and furrows or to give volume to certain areas of the face , like lips, cheeks or chins giving a natural look with a simple application.

The filling materials are variable-length. Within the synthetic materials of different duration of resorption, there are materials such as hyaluronic acid that remains for 6 to 12 months, calcium hydroxyapatite that lasts approximately 2 years or polyacrylamide which is a permanent filling material. It is also possible to use the patient's own fat which we currently mix with platelet-rich plasma so that it lasts longer and is permanently a percentage.